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Dental tourism in Ukraine

Information about dental tourism to the capital of Ukraine

We offer restoration of all teeth using the “All on 6” or “all on 4” technique. This technique allows you to restore a full dentition (if you have lost all your teeth, or if you have several teeth but they are in poor condition) with the help of six or four implants.

How the process is carried out

You need to send us a computed tomography scan of both jaws by e-mail so that we can choose the method of dental restoration that is best suited to your case and draw up a treatment plan.

Usually the treatment plan looks like this

1 visit – preparation

You come for an examination, jaw scan, to prepare for the operation, additional tests (if necessary) and prescribe the necessary medications (visit is free)

Visit 2 – surgery (in one or two days)

Tooth extraction and implantation surgery is usually not easy for both the doctor and the patient, so this procedure is performed under sedation (medication sleep), for this we have a team of anesthesiologists, who work to ensure that you go to sleep comfortably and easily wake up with new teeth (the drug used for this purpose is “propafol” is not a narcotic and was invented for use in the treatment of children, so it is absolutely harmless).

The implants themselves are installed exclusively according to the navigation template, a device that eliminates medical errors at the stage of implant positioning, so the implants will stand correctly and serve for a long time.

The operation is completed by fixing temporary (plastic) teeth on implants.

The cost of this procedure in our country is 5000-6000$ (in the EU countries – 10000-12000$)
After that, it is advisable to be under the supervision of a doctor for at least 5 days, but by and large, you can go about your business, and the sutures we have applied will dissolve by themselves after a while.

Visit 3 in six months – preparation

Preparation for the replacement of the temporary (plastic structure with a permanent one)
the jaws are scanned and a permanent structure is made – these are zirconium teeth on a titanium base – considered the most reliable and long-term structure at the moment in dentistry. It is made in about 5 days and the cost of such work is another $ 5000-6000 (in the EU countries $ 10000-20000)

4 visit – fixation

Fixation of permanent teeth – completion of work!

For more information, please contact us at futurum.dentistry@gmail.com


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